6 Most Common Pick-Up Truck Breakdowns

Pick-Up Truck Breakdowns

Every day, you depend on your pick-up truck to get you where you need to go. To go shopping, to work, or just to see everything you want to see in Surrey. However, nobody is immune from having a breakdown, even if you weren't planning on it. Here are the top six reasons pick-up trucks break down and result in you needing some quality towing services.

1. A blown or flat tire

Easily one of the most significant and common causes of breakdowns for not just pick-ups but vehicles in general, they’re easy to fix. In case you suffer a flat, always keep a spare tire, a tire iron, and a jack in your pick-up truck.

2. Fuel issues 

Issues with your truck’s fuel system, such as leaks, means you’ll be driving with a rapidly emptying tank which puts you in danger of running out of fuel. This is particularly dangerous if you are stuck in traffic for longer than anticipated or on long drives where you’re far between gas stations. Always keep on top of fuel system maintenance and keep an eye out for signs like puddles of fuel under your truck while parked. If you ever find yourself without gas in the Surrey region or beyond the border, contact us for towing.

3. Alternator problems

The alternator may be the cause of flickering headlights, electrical system malfunctions, difficult engine starting, battery failure, and odd sounds. Any of these issues can put you in danger or leave you stranded at the worst possible times. 

4. Transmission breakdown

A critical component of any vehicle, the most frequent cause of transmission failure is improper routine maintenance. Keep the transmission fluid full to prevent stressing the transmission parts, and get your pick-up truck serviced often.

5. Heating of the engine

You can get stranded on the side of the road if your engine overheats while you're traveling on hotter summer days. Pull over and turn on the heat at full blast as soon as you can to relieve some of the engine's pressure. Your engine could have problems starting or keeping at proper operating temperatures during colder months. This can be a result of the truck’s glow or spark plugs or an overall electrical system issue.

6. Issues with oil and lubrication

The amount of friction and heat on your engine's moving components, which can cause severe damage if left unaddressed, is reduced thanks to oil application. It also aids in heat transfer. Your engine may seize if you run out of oil due to the increased heat and friction. You will need to contact towing so that you can get your pick-up truck repaired since you can't drive with a seized engine.

A Final Word

These are the most common pickup truck breakdowns you can experience while driving your pickup truck. If you can keep these breakdowns in mind, you will be able to act accordingly and ensure that you don’t run into any trouble driving the pickup truck. If you encounter a problem, make sure you get the help of the best pickup truck repair shop out there to overcome the issue. 

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